NMGA shares data, practices and engineering, operations, and management programs with members which will contribute to improvements in safe and reliable transmission, distribution and use of natural gas.        

The objective of the New Mexico Gas Association (NMGA) is to sponsor public education and public relations programs that will enhance the transmission, distribution and use of natural gas that will create goodwill towards the natural gas industry of New Mexico.


NMGA works with members to assist them in compliance with rules and regulations related to the transmission, distribution and use of natural gas.   

NMGA also reviews and provides comment on proposed rulemakings.


NMGA sponsors continuous learning and training courses for operators of gas systems.     

NMGA was founded in 1997 by five members participating from five different natural gas providers.

NMGA was created to foster mutual assistance between the members as wells as fostering cooperation between regulatory agencies, legislative bodies and the natural gas industry in New Mexico.

They created a board of directors that comprises of two directors, a president, vice-president, secretary and  treasurer. 

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